Chief Executive Officer - CEO - Cyber Security

Location: Los Angeles Area, CA
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $1.00 - $999,999.00
Date: 4/9/2018
Job ID: 02587662
Job Description
Location:  Los Angeles Area / So Cal

We are a Cybersecurity company with a portfolio of unique and cutting edge solutions, products and services available. Our products and solutions are tried and true.  We are moving to the next stage and we are looking for an experienced and seasoned CEO who has a proven track record of taking a cybersecurity company to the next level and beyond!  Our founders work is well known through out the cyber security industry globally and we have a great story to share!   What we are looking for is a CEO who can help make things happen!

As our CEO you will be responsible for: 
  • Developing and Driving strategic growth plans 
  • Developing and Driving  funding from investors
  • Developing Strategic BD / Sales Strategies for new products we are launching
  • Taking part in strategic Sales/ BD engagements
  • Leveraging Contacts to help grow business relationships
  • Work closely with CTO, BOD and Executive Team to continuously grow and develop the company

Our goal as a company is to continue to:
  1. Continue to bring our products, solutions and services to the global market
  2. Develop and bring to Market new and innovative products and solutions.
  3. Build our company and brand while maintaining the high level of ethics, and credibility we have established
  • Seasoned Chief Executive Officer of a Security  / Cybersecurity products , solutions and services company
  • Proven experience in financial development working with investors or VC
  • Proven experience taking at least 1 established early stage company and building and growing it (people, revenue, profitability, products, services, solutions) 
  • Subject Matter expertise or strong knowledge and understanding in IT Security, Cybersecurity, (including laws, regulations, issues, vulnerabilities, risk management and mitigation, etc.  at all levels)
  • Ethics and a drive to work with good people
  • Must be a DOER.. 
This is a really exciting opportunity! This team has prior experience building successful companies, and has introduced some of the most bleeding edge cybersecurity technology to the world. .

To learn more about this opportunity, please forward a confidential copy of your resume - please include phone number & email on your resume.